2012 Golden Circle

Golden Circle of Businesses

Alberene Soapstone Company

Ashley’s Market

George R. Criswell, DDS

Dickie Bros. Orchard

Drumheller’s Orchard, Inc.

Flippin-Seaman, Inc.

Joe Lee McClellan, Inc.

Montebello Resort

Payne’s Garage, Inc.

B. T. Ramsey & Sons, Inc.

Saunders’ Brothers, Inc.

Shady’s Place, Inc.

Silver Creek Orchards, Inc.

Well-Sheffield Funeral Chapel, Inc.

Williams Store

The Nelson County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce its first ever presentation of the Golden Circle awards. The Chamber seeks to support our local businesses and encourage long-term, sustainable  economic growth in the county. The Chamber Directors understand the challenges of small businesses and wish to  recognize those that have reached an outstanding achievement.  Nelson County businesses that have served the community for at least 50 years and met at least two of the following three additional criteria were eligible: same name; same location; and ownership within the same family.