Congressman Hurt Honors First Responders

Robert Hurt with Nelson County First RespondersOn November 11th, Congressman Robert Hurt met with Nelson County First Responders – together, they have given over 200 years of volunteer service. For the first time in many years, the Nelson County Chamber of Commerce made awards in recognition of the following members: Heroism Award Raymond Rowley, Community Service Award Lester Roberts, Bravery Award Sergeant Steve Davis, Dedication Award Ms. Stevie Ashley, Community Service Nominees Sheila Wood and Becky Adcock, and Dedication Nominees Elsie Napier, Robert Adams, Murray Whitehead, and Billy Mays. Pictured here are: Billy Mays, Shelia Wood, Stevie Ashley, Lester Roberts, Esther Page, Murray Whitehead, Becky Adcock, Elsie Nappier, Raymond Rowley, Robert Adams, and Steve Davis.